What is SaaS?


Saas is short for Software as a Service.

SaaS gives you the ability to sell software, services, and subscriptions as a service on the internet without the need for human oversight. 


Why could this be so important to you?

It allows you to create a product or service once, then sells it to anyone in the world and as many times as you like, without much extra work. Just like writing a book. Many services are on subscription too, so the customer keeps paying!

Rather than exchanging your time for money, why not create something and watch it sell, even if you are on holiday.

It is not surprising that SaaS products are growing exponentially; the only thing stopping anyone from creating a SaaS service is the ability to develop the mechanism.


How you can create a SaaS product or service

In simple terms, Tickety Boo creates a digital product according to your specification. We also make a portal for anyone to purchase the product or service.


As an example;

  1. We could create a system that makes a digital widget upon demand. 
  2. Visitors see your website and like the look of the digital widget, and order one. 
  3. The SaaS system creates a digital widget and gives it to the new customer.
  4. The SaaS system will take their payments on an ongoing basis if it's a subscription service and market more of your services.
  5. You get paid as you sell; no involvement is required.

You have created the digital widget, and now the SaaS system does all the work for you. It allows you to sell 10 or 10,000 a day with little or no extra work.




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