Eco-Friendly CRM


It is undeniable that we all need to adopt a green energy policy if our planet is to survive the growing problem.


We have a growing number of green energy providers for the home, electric cars and many other sustainable options. But have you ever wondered why there are so few business software providers who offer green energy?


Price is the main obstacle. Many companies use green energy as an excuse to charge more when it's not required. Businesses still prefer to cut costs and opt for cheaper non-sustainable software solutions. Going green will come at a steeper price. Of course, it is human nature for most entrepreneurs to aim for maximum revenues and profits.


It doesn't help that the price of environmental costs is skyrocketing, making it even more challenging to choose a greener solution.



Emerging New Train of Thought

However, despite their struggles, more and more companies and individuals are beginning to realise the value of sustainability. 


Customers are pushing companies towards greener solutions, preferring to use a green provider over those that are not. It is now a case of a change or get left behind and suffering lower sales.


Additionally, a strong movement pushes companies to be an eco-warrior. It is no longer seen as a liability but a new market opportunity and catalyst for innovation to generate more wealth. 


New Breed of Eco-Friendly Provider

Thankfully, not every company is all about profit and financial gain.



Tickety Boo Digital is the only company globally* that offers an eco-friendly CRM solution. 



We feel strongly about preserving the environment as it sustains all life on the planet. Our unique practices enable us to offer you this service at a cost-efficient price so you can minimise your carbon footprint. Be a part of the solution, not be a part of the problem.


*That's unless you know of any; we have looked without success!


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