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Chatting to prospects and customers via a webchat service has become the most popular communication method.

Customers don't just prefer it; they expect to have an easy route to ask questions and learn more about your products and services. Gone are the days of lengthy emails, then waiting for days to get an answer.

Tickety Boo has looked at many communication methods so that we can offer online chat via our websites; there are a lot to choose from! We found that tawk to is the best for several reasons.

  1. The cost. It's completely FREE. Yes, really, with no hidden charges.
  2. It comes with all the functionality of those that charge thousands per year.
  3.  It provides live chat when you're around and then switches to an email solution when you're not.
  4. It's also available via a mobile app if you are always out and about.


If you are wondering, they make their money with additional options on your services.

Follow the link below and check them out for yourselves; it's an excellent service.


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