Small Business Finance


Finance for small businesses is not always an easy thing to get, certainly flexible finance. Most companies at some time need finance of some description for the short or long term.

Tickety Boo uses a business-specific credit card service for online transactions and regular card payments. It protects us and allows us to regulate our outgoings.

The service we use is CapitalOnTap.

After many years it has proven to be a great service with no issues, good credit lines and great customer service.


They offer:

1% cash back on purchases

Cash downloads to your bank account

Decisions in minutes

Up to 59 days of interest-free credit

Credit lines up to £150k

Cards for your team

And if you do borrow, rates from 9.9% APR

And all from an App on your phone (Desktop available)


If you need finance or a better way to make payments we can recommend the service without hesitation.

On top of that, Apply with the link below and get £75 if you're accepted! 


Get Your Card Today



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