SaaS Case Study


The Brief

Our client has several business interests on an island holiday destination and was successful in their own right. However, they needed to develop new markets to expand their business.
The brief was to create a Mobile App that would be given free to all visitors to the Island. The App would provide all the information with any visitor needs, including hospital locations, doctors' numbers, transport details, and other amenities. It would also include additional information, which would be displayed on the App on a paid-for basis.

The App

The App includes a CMS system to enable the paid and unpaid information to be updated daily from the company's office in the UK. Analytical information would also be gathered from the user's activities to allow the client to show the App ROI to their clients.
The App will be available on iOS and Android and will be free to download. The critical functionality is Google mapping and routing, App messaging, geo-targeting, push notification, App calling and booking management software.



Many island companies did not have websites, so an additional provision was added to enable the client to sell websites to the Island, which could be added to the App links.
This web builder package would be wholly controlled and managed by the client.



This project is the perfect example of SaaS in action; it enables the client to expand their business whilst still staying in their area of expertise by using the software alone.
Subscription revenues from this project are estimated at circa 500k euros annually, and with low development costs, the client is also looking at developing this business model for other locations globally.


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