Don't Be Perfect


Tickety Boo has worked with many start-up projects, from new website builds to new SaaS platforms. Some have been very successful and others not so, but they enabled us to develop a lot of experience in this arena.

One of the critical failures of truly great projects is perfection and waiting to get it before launch.


Let me explain.

One company, many years ago, came up with the idea of a low energy light bulb that was both low energy yet produced the same amount of lumens.

You will never have heard of them because they never got to launch.

They created a prototype but then saw how it could be improved and made better.

They then created a new prototype, but hey, it can be even better if we do this! And so on.

They kept doing this for so long that Phillips launched their low energy product one day, which killed them.


It is better to get it out in the marketplace than wait for perfection.



It is also true for advertising, websites and business generally. If you wait for every word to be correct, image to be perfect and function to be spot on, you will miss out on all the opportunities that come along whilst you "fettle" everything.

Your business should get it out there, then update and change things as you grow.

Remember, Google loves change! The more you update and change things, the better. Truthfully, it is also worth remembering that it will never be perfect. Your product and services will change, your client's expectations will change, and you need to change with them.


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