Partner with Tickety Boo


You want to leverage the latest technology to meet your client's needs.

We're in the business of creating innovative software to create growth. We're also not in it to make a big name for ourselves, but rather to provide campaigns that produce engagement.


"Let's work together to drive growth".


White Label

All of our campaigns are white-labelled to your or your client's branding.

With this as a start, we can operate in several ways, depending on your needs.


Partner Service

Our partner services enable you to market or upsell our services. When your client is ready to proceed we take over the conversation and start the process.


Agency Service

The agency service allows you to market and upsells as with the partner service, except your agency maintains the communication between all parties. This is perfect for those agencies that do everything for their clients.


Agency Pricing

We want you to profit, as well as drive leads from our partnership. So we are happy to invoice the client directly or allow you to invoice and collect the fee. 

We do not put any restrictions on your upsell, but when billing your clients directly you are responsible for all costs.

Pricing is also reduced for agencies working on a sliding scale. 


Bespoke Service

If you have specific requirements or would like to create your own solution we can help. As we created the software, we do a lot so that is your own solution.





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