Good Messaging Tips


The volume of messages we all get daily will not quiet down.

So how do you get your message across?

The first rule is to make it personal; prospects do not like to be talked to by AI or robots. Or come to that with bad English. You know you will hit the spam button if the message starts "Greetings of the day!"

That is not to say you cannot automate your message, but make them genuine

The second rule is not to sell anything! That will undoubtedly go to spam too. 

By trying to sell anything in your first message, you think about your needs. Think about the needs of your prospect. When you get a cold message, what would interest you?

Here is a message I received from a new contact on Linkedin. It was in response to my first message or communication with her.





Yeah, I know we have covered up the good bit; we cannot have everyone using our best lines!

The simple takeaway is to use clear and interesting messages to communicate. Or employ us, and we will do it for you! See what I did there?


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