Global Warming


It's only a matter of time!

I do not doubt that the images we have seen in Australia are only the start of the real-time effects of Global Warming.

I know that things will only worsen and come closer to home, despite what the ney sayers say. Our families will soon feel the effects and not just by hotter and wetter weather.

There is no way that any of us on our own can address this problem and make a real difference when our representatives are still not changing. However, that does not stop us from doing the right thing in our day to day business.

And despite what we have been told, we can make a change without an adverse effect on our business. I have found it to be a positive move. 


New Business Practices

With these thoughts in mind, I have been changing how Tickety Boo does business. I have spent the last year changing our business practices on every level so that we can do our bit.

I am proud to say that all of our websites, SaaS and CRM platforms are now powered by 100% green energy. We have completed this while increasing security and privacy levels, so there is no real downside. The quality speaks for itself.

I am also putting these high environmental standards into our administration and general business practices too, and it has proved to be surprisingly easy and incredibly rewarding. 


You can make a difference.

In 2020 Tickety Boo will be announcing several additional programs that will help any business, organisation or charity that is environmentally conscious of doing more. We do this not for profit but because we can, which is why many of our programs will be free.

I hope that as we start this new decade, we all do our part in making a difference because it is the only way that our political representatives will change. Only by them changing can we all make a real difference.


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