Finance Company Case Study


The Brief

FBSE Finance is a full-service lender specialising in bridging, development and mezzanine finance in the United Kingdom. Lending to their criteria rather than the traditional banking institutions, they have very individual requirements.

Tickety Boo has worked with FBSE Finance to provide websites and marketing services for many years. Their latest website and marketing campaigns have been tailored to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace, as has our service to FBSE.


The Process

Their new website has been developed to work with the changing marketplace and designed with particular requirements from the clients. As with all of our websites, being responsive was of prime importance.

The marketing was built after the very niche market FBSE wanted was expressed to us. We researched the marketplace to see just what the target audience was searching for, but we also looked for similar products that did not match our client's requirements so we could prevent these from applying. This enabled FBSE to receive a stronger lead, saving processing time and improving their conversion rates.


The Results

The latest generation of our website was launched earlier this year with a complete CRM system to enable the FBSE team to keep their details and information fully updated. 

The marketing campaign has proven to be very successful, and now FBSE Finance is at the top of Google for their specific niche finance in their desired locations. It has also produced a constant stream of qualified leads for a very effective monthly cost.

Tickety Boo always respects clients confidentially, so we can only share some of the case studies with you, but as FBSE has been with us for years, we are sure this tells its own story. 


 FBSE Testimonial

"We have used Tickety Boo for several years to design our Company website, providing hosting services and assisting us with our Google Adwords campaign. We have always found them to provide us with a professional and cost-effective service which has produced good results."

Dorian Nineberg,  FBSE Finance Ltd


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