Ethical Business


We have seen many companies struggling with the effects of the pandemic. We have also seen many taking advantage of the situation.

At Tickety Boo, we have our own ethical beliefs, which we will continue to practice.

We must take intense action to help our team and customers during this pandemic. So today, we are announcing the following;


1. Tickety Boo will not be making anyone redundant due to the pandemic. 

2. We will be giving every customer free hosting for three months to help mitigate their costs during this pandemic.

3. Our sister companies will be providing every customer with free website subscriptions for three months.

4. We will support all of our customers in whatever way we can during this difficult time.

5. We will only select UK based suppliers for sub-contracting services by 1st July 2020.

6. Many of our suppliers are self-employed contractors, so we will continue to pay our accounts when they email their invoices.

7. If our team members suffer financially due to the pandemic, we will support them for as long as needed.

8. We will seek no Government assistance, grants or loans.


We do this not because we are a prosperous company but because we want to operate on an ethical basis. 

We believe this is not a time to cut your business workforce. It is time to invest in your business. We encourage you to buy British and help all companies, self-employed, and individuals recover and prosper as we come out of this pandemic.


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