Custom Marketing Campaigns


Custom Plans

The most critical consideration when marketing is not to use the shotgun approach. In other words, it is not firing out lots of adverts and messages and hoping to get a sale. It does not work.

So, why would you use a marketing solution that is restricted to one process? It does not make sense. The best practice is a solution that works for your company and prospects.

We have listed the core price plans covering most scenarios on our plans page. However, we understand that these do not cover all the demands of our clients. 

Here is an example of a custom plan.


Social Plan

The sharing plan includes core features; 

  • Fully Managed Campaigns
  • 5 Social Campaigns
  • Unlimited Social Sharing
  • Unlimited interactions
  • Unlimited lead numbers
  • Use on websites, emails, social media and anywhere there is a URL


This plan does not have a managed outreach program. The monthly cost is only £450pm.


Clean Data

As we have explained in another article, good data provision companies charge £300 upwards for email databases. If this is what you need and you do not want our other services, we can do that.

Our data is harvested fresh within the last seven days and includes email, company names, company size, and more. All data is GDPR compliant. And we do not licence its use.

The cost is only £200 per 1000 contacts.


Go Custom

We write the code, and this is not a SaaS solution, so we offer bespoke solutions for your marketing needs.


Contact us today with your requirements, and we will be happy to help.



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