Email Database Costs


If you have ever thought about starting an email marketing campaign, one of the first questions that come to mind is, who can I send it to?

Most companies do not have a regular process to create a database of prospects or even clients. It is an easily missed task, or the value is not appreciated. When in truth, a database of opportunities is invaluable.

The reason for its value is apparent when you analyse it. What happens when you stop if you are getting your leads from social media or Pay Per Click? The answer is you have no leads or prospect data! But if you collect this information, that data is yours. (Assuming you manage it correctly).


So how do you get a good database?

The key to that question is "good database". If it is just a list of names and emails, your campaigns will not work.

There is always an option to buy a database, and yes, if you find the right email provider, it can be effective. But get it wrong, and you will get a list which is not suitable for man nor beast! Indeed, you may not realise how good they are until you run a campaign, which is a scary thought!


How much will a database cost?

How much will a typical database cost? We have spoken to some excellent companies that charge £300 + vat per thousand email addresses. (Prices can vary). These are typically on a licence, so you will only be able to use these for six months on average. Larger purchases will cost less per email address.


A better solution

As part of Tickety Boo campaigns, we include a prospect generation tool, which allows you to generate a list of prospects that match your specific needs. Each database matches your prospect profile and is clean and fresh every month.

Once created, you can drip message your leads on an ongoing basis with best practices.

Did I forget to mention we provide all the tools messaging tools as well?


Contact us today with your requirements, and we will be happy to help.



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