Closing Facebook & Twitter


On the 1st of June 2022, we will have closed our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

With thousands of likes and followers, we did not take the decision easily. But there were several business reasons we decided to do this.


Does this strike a chord with you?


Our primary reason is the reward for posting on Social Media. As we all know, social media requires a lot of effort just to get noticed. With billions of posts and adverts, users increasingly glance over the content and rarely read or take time to look at the content.

Spending more and more time and money producing content does not seem like a worthwhile task when the rewards are low. We believe in devoting our energy to activities that provide the best rewards for that energy. And simply Facebook and Twitter do not cut it.

I see daily good people and companies posting great content with little engagement. I wonder how they must feel, frustrated, I guess.

We have also become concerned with the working practices of these platforms. More than 50% of Twitter are bots if you believe the current press. Facebook is constantly accused of its lack of privacy, which I believe, given our experiences.


Let's be clear we are a business, and we need to focus on best practices that work for us to create profit and protect our clients.


For Tickety Boo, Facebook and Twitter do not produce the goods, and it has become more of a vanity exercise than good business practice. This will be the same for many companies who "feel" they need to do social or it will provide the best rewards. Some companies do well with Social Media, this is true, but many don't.

We will continue to use Linkedin. For business, it is the best social platform by far. We also use our software to message our ideal prospects directly with information of value. This provides us with the rewards we seek.

As a side note, it is so nice not having to create content that does not convert! It's the small pleasures in life!

Are you tired of social posting?


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