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Marketing Agencies

We have worked with and spoken to many social and marketing agencies. They have ranged in quality from outstanding to somewhat worrying!

With so many agencies in the marketplace, it is often difficult to distinguish them apart. Some have backgrounds in journalism and other professional areas, which led them nicely into marketing. However, some have no experience more than the ability to use Facebook.



If you are an agency yourself, we understand it is hard to distinguish yourself from the mainstream of good looking but unqualified agencies.

Maybe not as well known as it should be, there are professional qualifications individuals, self-employed and companies can get. They will make a real difference in obtaining contracts and setting yourself apart.



Chartered Institue of Marketing (CIM) offers the most respected qualifications that fit marketers in any marketing area.

The Marketing & Leadership Academy (TMLA) delivers Chartered Institute of Marketing professional qualifications to students via our virtual and online learning platforms.

Delivered by highly qualified and experienced marketing practitioners, TMLA focuses on providing an excellent student experience. They concentrate on helping each & every student to develop their professional knowledge, skills & capability, enabling them to take their professional careers to the full.



If you are in the marketing industry, we would recommend speaking to TMLA so that you can leverage the advantages of becoming a Chartered professional.

If you would like to explore what's involved click here. Or book a call with a tutor Book here.


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